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Smart Contract Development

Do you need a crowdsale contract for your ICO? Which features do you need: capped, individually capped, whitelist, refundable, timed, allowance, vesting, ERC20, mintable, multisig, upgradable, burnable, freezing? Are you looking to run decentralized organization, auction, voting system, game on smart contracts?

We can do all that and more. We will develop secure and efficient smart contracts for your requirements within the desired timeframe.

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Smart Contract Audit

Do you want to keep your money safe? Ensure your smart contract do not have any critical flaws and money wouldn't be stolen as it happened to DAO which lost astonishing $60 Million Ether.

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Decentralized Application Development

Do you want your customers to actually interact with smart contracts? Then you need a dApp.

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Do you want to receive payments from your customers without anyone poking their nose in your deals?

We provide focused on privacy in-house solution to make your payments happen without third party. Pay once, use forever. No ongoing or per transaction fees.

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